Borough of North Haledon
Established 1901

103 Overlook Avenue
North Haledon, NJ 07508
(973) 427-7793

Public Events Commitee

Have you ever wondered who is behind our Borough events?

The Public Events Committee is a group of fun, friendly, hard working volunteers, all of them your neighbors in North Haledon, appointed by the Mayor and Council. Many of the committee members have been working on these annual events since the committee was formed to celebrate our Centennial. Others have joined as recently as last year. As you know there are several events, and members choose the events in which they would like to participate; maybe all of them, possibly one, working behind the scenes or attending and helping out during the event itself.  Everyone’s voice is heard, and the entire Committee makes all the decisions.
Meetings are usually held once per month in the evening and begin at 7:00 PM. Just call the Clerk’s office at 973-427-7793 and the staff will answer any other questions you may have. Remember: all of these events are for the enjoyment of our residents and we need your new ideas to keep us moving forward. Join us, have some fun, tell us what events you would like to see in North Haledon.

Mayor Randy George 
Chairman Bruce O. Iacobelli 
Ginny Andres 
 Beverly Bentley 
 Linda Dearani 
  Gay Florio  
 Michael Galluccio 
 Jon Galluccio 
Angie Russo   Amy Guido 
Jamie Rayot 
 Susan Rink 
 Toni Ravo 
Barbara Vander Wiele  Susan Gorga    Barbara Veltri 
 Ron Panicucci 
Paul Grossi   Karen Savage 
Susan Serico 
Kristine Kehoe  Florence Manno  Victoria Tipper   Elaine Vuoncino 

North Haledon Day Applications

North Haledon Day 2016 Application.  Click here 

North Haledon Day Business Card Table Application. Click here 

 NH Day Car Show Application. Click here 

NH Day Craft Fair Application. Click here 

Cupcake Decorating Contest. Click here. 

North Haledon Day has been scheduled for October 1, 2016.  


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