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COVID-19 Updates

Updates from the Mayor regarding COVID-19 in the Borough of North Haledon:
Mayor's Update 4-9-2020 Click here Numbers by County as of 4-9-2020 Click here
Mayor's Update 4-8-2020 Click here
Mayor's Update 4-7-2020 Click here  Numbers by County as of 4-7-2020 Click here
Mayor's Update 4-6-2020 Click here  Numbers by County as of 4-6-2020 Click here
Mayor's Update 4-5-2020 Click here 
Mayor's Update 4-4-2020 Click here 
Mayor's Update 4-3-2020 Click here  Numbers by County as of 4-3-2020 Click here
Mayor's Update 4-2-2020 Click here
Mayor's Update 4-1-2020 Click here  Numbers received by county. Click here
Mayor's Update 3-31-2020 Click Here 
Mayor's Update 3-30-2020 Click here 
Mayor's Update 3-29-2020 Click here 

Mayor's Update 3-27-2020 Click here 
Mayor's Update 3-26-2020 Click here 
Mayor's Update 3-25-2020 Click here 
Mayor's Update 3-24-2020 Click here 
Mayor's Update 3-23-2020 Click here 
Mayor's Update 3-21-2020 Click here 

**Letter from Mayor regarding EC faculty member who was diagnosed with COVID-19.  Click here for letter. **

Starting Wednesday, March 25th, from 9-12 (or until supplies last) there will be a COVID-19 screening center at William Paterson University (entrance on Hamburg Turnpike).  Must be Passaic County residents and have a prescription.  Need help getting a prescription, click here for more info on telehealth.   

CPAPS Needed.  Click here to learn more how you can help.  

Cancellations / Closings - Click here for more information:

North Haledon Municipal Court, has been canceled until April 26, 2020. If you were scheduled to be in court, a notice will be sent in the mail with your rescheduled court date. Municipal Court notice.  Click here

Governor's Orders in regards to COVID-19:
Governor's Executive Order No. 107 and 108 effective March 21, 2020 at 9:00 pm.  Click here
Administrative Order regarding gatherings.  Click here 
Governor's Executive Order 104. 
Click here.

Tips to Stay Safe:
Safety Tips for First Responders.  Click here
Guidance on the contact of a close or casual contact of a confirmed or suspected case.  Click here
Instructions if you or someone you know tests positive for COVID-19. Click here
Instructions if you test negative for COVID-19.  Click here
Self Quarantine Guide.  Click here.
What you need to know about Coronavirus. Click here 
What to do if you get sick from Coronavirus.  Click here
Getting workplace ready for Coronavirus. Click here 
Mental Health during COVID.  Click here for numbers. 
COVID-19 Scenarios and Benefits available.  Click here

Articles Spreading Hope in North  Haledon:
Dozens of stones with kind messages show up throughout North Haledon.  Click here for article. 

After discussions with Councilman Iacobelli, the Mayor instructed the Superintendent of Public Works to put the star back on High Mountain.  It was the Superintendent of Public Works, Billy Graham, who came up with the idea of putting the word “Hope” next to the star.  Unfortunately, there is not enough room in the clearing where the star is, and Billy has suggested that it be placed on top of the American Legion Building as soon as possible.  The star is already up and working.  The Governing Body’s intention is that it gives people hope to get through this crisis.  Click here for article.