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In Memory Of

North Haledon Golden Age Club


The North Haledon Golden Age Club honors the memory of our recently deceased members. With us in joy and sorrow. A part of our lives.
In thanksgiving for the time we’ve been together and in the certainty we will meet again..
We remember our friends and fellow travelers

In the year of our Lord 2012

Adolph De Jonghe                03/13/2012 
Candida Caruso                    03/06/2012
Mary Raymond                        03/04/2012
Josephine Dittamo                02/04/2012

In the year of our Lord 2011

Gladys Fieldhouse                12/22/2011
Cornelia “Mickey” Kyak          11/18/2011
Edward Rosato                        2/11/2011
Helen Calabro                          6/24/2011

In the year of our Lord 2010

Anne Tamaroglio                    2/20/2010
Dymitro Peter Kostyszyn        3/08/2010
James J. Halloran Jr.            3/13/2010
Jennielee B. Ameye                3/14/2010
Elsie Wyman                            4/23/2010
Albert Egarian                           5/21/2010
Robert Fisher                           7/23/2010
Ida La Gatta                              10/15/2010
Mildred Ferguson                    12/07/2010
George W. Eisele                    12/31/2010
Virginia Ripa                            12/31/2010