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AboutThe Borough’s all-volunteer North Haledon Green Team earned its Sustainable Jersey Bronze level recertification late last year for its efforts in advancing practices and community-based programming for a sustainable North Haledon. The NH Green also earned over $6000 in grants for recycling and waste management strategies and for the NH Community Garden located just past the Borough’s Dog Park. Click here to take a short survey to learn more about the Green Team.

The Green Team continues to offer residents and neighbors educational opportunities throughout the year and welcomes ideas from residents willing to assist in sustaining a healthy community. Learn more about what’s happening with the NH Green Team on our Borough committee page You can also follow us on Facebook for updates and many of our events are printed in the Borough calendar.

Community Garden programs have begun and a few plots are still available for residents; the 2019 growing season concludes with a Seed Swap Workshop at the North Haledon library.

About Sustainable Jersey- This is a certification program for municipalities in New Jersey. Complete information can be found at It is a non-profit non partisan organization which provides municipalities with tools, training and some financial incentives to complete actions on the Sustainable Jersey certification list. All of the actions on this list are geared toward living in a greener, more sustainable community. The Borough of North Haledon is currently a Bronze Level Certified!

The North Haledon Community Garden is Organic! Each plot in the community garden is 42” wide x 8’ long. Each box is filled with soil and mulch from North Haledon’s composted leaves. You can add more soil and other soil nutrients as long as they are organic. Please reach out to the Green Team Garden Leads or find us on Facebook if you are not sure what is organic. There are gardening tools available at the community garden for all plot owners. Additionally, the North Haledon Green Team sponsors workshops for all garden and community members throughout the year. There are still plots available for the 2019 Growing Season! Please see information about the Community Garden in our Membership Agreement here: Click here for application.

Prescription Drug Drop Off Box-

The Borough of North Haledon now has a permanent drug drop box in their police department headquarters lobby for citizens to safely dispose of expires, unused and unwanted prescription drugs.

The box has been purchased delivered and permanently installed at the North Haledon Police Headquarters and is open to the public. This new special drop off box will provide a safe and secure location in North Haledon Police Headquarters to get rid of unwanted medications on permanent 24-hour a day basis.

Rates of prescription drug abuse in the United States are increasing at alarming rates, especially for teenagers who reportthey can easily obtain prescription pills from medicine cabinets in their own and other people’s homes. Unused and out-of-date medicines are a danger to society and can be the subject of theft and misuse.

In addition, flushing medications down the sink or toilet can cause contamination of our water supply. This drop-off program is open to anyone free of charge and we encourage all New Jersyians to please feel free to bring any unwanted prescription drugs to The North Haledon Police Headquarters so we can legally and safely dispose of them.

Accepted in Drop Box

Not Accepted

Over the counter medication
Vitamins and samples
Both for people and pets

Hydrogen Peroxide

Local Farmers Markets:The Green Team encourages you to buy fresh buy local!Click here for local farmers markets.

Community Paper Shred- Identify theft is on the rise in the U.S. and sometimes people are hesitant to recycle sensitive information. In order to better serve the community and reduce the volume of paper products that wind up in landfills. Shred Events have been scheduled for May 18, 2019 and October 26th from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon at the North Haledon Recycling Center.

Grass- Cut it Leave it – The North Haledon Green Team is urging residents to "Cut it Leave it." Click here for information from NJDEP on the benefits and how to successfully "cut it and leave it."

Buy Fresh Buy Local- The North Haledon Green Team is committed to the evaluation and promotion of "Buy Fresh Buy Local - Jersey Fresh Campaign" This will include an evaluation of the businesses in town, and which of them are currently supplying food products which are from New Jersey. Increasing the amount of food products that NJ residents buy from NJ will be better for all residents in the long run. It will reduce the distance that our food has to travel, thereby reducing overall transportation costs for businesses to supply food. Also there will be fresher, more local foods for residents to choose from as the program moves forward, more options will be available. This action includes an extensive educational campaign. (Volunteers needed!)

Anti-Idling- This action will enable residents to save money on fuel costs for their vehicles as well as improve the air quality around the Borough. Re-enforcing our anti-idling policy which is already in place is a key element of this action. We will be posting signs around the Borough to remind residents about completely shutting off their cars when they are parking at a location or stopping to go into a store. Click here for map.

Anti-idling zone map

Green Team MembersLOGO Green Team_1

  • Mayor Randy George 
  • Jerry Flach 
  • Maree Padula 
  • Janet Rekesius 
  • Jane Egan 
Upcoming Events 
October 10, 2019 - Green Infrastructure Planning and Implementation Workshop at the North Haledon Library 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm.  Click here for more information . 
North Haledon Community Garden Sign-Up Today!Click here for application
Borough of North Haledon received Bronze Certification in Sustainable Jersey. Click here for newspaper articles.
North Haledon Green Team News! Click here for more information.