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North Haledon’s all-volunteer Green Team welcomes you to its Sustainable Jersey certified community programs, offering residents and the greater community educational opportunities throughout the year to sustain a healthy community. North Haledon recently received a Bronze recertification from Sustainable Jersey for our Borough

Sustainable Jersey ( certification is a prestigious designation for municipal governments in New Jersey. Municipalities that achieve the certification are considered by their peers, by state government and by the experts and civic organizations in New Jersey, to be among the leading municipalities.  All actions taken by municipalities to score points toward certification must be accompanied by documentary evidence and is reviewed. The certification is free and completely voluntary. 

The team launches their 2021 community programs with its Virtual Winter Seed Swap and Garden Sign-ups, kicking off on Tuesday February 23rd 7 PM-8 PM Join us on February 23rd via zoom. See the Borough’s calendar for details: Composting for soil health and food waste reduction is also on the program agenda and residents can also learn about how to sign up  for a plot in the Borough’s Community Garden!

The North Haledon Green Team meets the 3rd Thursday of each month; usually at the North Haledon Library and we will remain virtual via zoom for the covid time being.  Check your Borough Calendar for dates of this and other community events throughout the year and connect with the North Haledon Green Team on facebook@NorthHaledonGreenTeam 

Green Team initiatives in progress

  • Community Garden Residents can call your organic plot home and come grow with us!
  • Pollinator Gardens- Dig in with the Green Team as we grow gardens and butterflies!
  • Seed Saving Join as we extract, swap and plant seeds for more pollination
  • Compost at Home compost food waste and turn it into healthy soil.
  • Animals in the Community Bats are also pollinators but what about coyotes?!
  • Green Infrastructure Learn how you can help reduce wet weather/stormwater impacts
  • Volunteer Do you Dream Green? Inquire about community service credits!
  • Paper Shred Stay safe while recycling your sensitive papers. Please no clips or plastics!
  • Prescription Drug Drop Off Box safely dispose of unusable prescription drugs.
  • Anti-Idling By turning the key” on idling, we reduce the risk of asthma and heart disease

The Community Garden is Organic! Each plot in the community garden is 42” wide x 8’ long. Each box is filled with soil and mulch from North Haledon’s composted leaves. You can add more soil and other soil nutrients as long as they are organic. Please reach out to the Green Team Garden Team if you are not sure what is organic. There are gardening tools available at the community garden for all plot owners. Additionally, the North Haledon Green Team sponsors workshops for gardeners in the greater community throughout the year.  

Think Spring! There are plots available for the 2021 Growing Season! Please see information about the Community Garden in our Membership Agreement.  Renew or subscribe today by completing the last two pages of the agreement and submitting with payment to Renew before opening day on April 25th for $25 for a raised bed!  Click  here for form.  

A Pollinator Garden is planted and designed, with specific nectar and pollen producing plants, in a way that attracts pollinating insects known as pollinators. Pollination is essential for food production and the super-pollinators of the garden are native bees The Borough and the Green Team and its partners have built and maintain several pollinator gardens in and around the community garden to support bees and other pollinators.

Seed Saving Join the North Haledon Green Team on its seed saving and seed swap adventures with other gardeners and neighbors for at home and community gardens, at school and all the places we go to grow food for ourselves and for the pollinators. Join our seed network in person two Tuesday in 2021 on February 23rd  and October 26th at the North Haledon Library and at the Green Team Table on North Haledon Day. Or find us on Facebook for more seed activities!

Compost At Home resident participants are learning how to compost food waste in their backyard, by doing so and turning their food waste into soil.

Green Infrastructure refers to methods of stormwater management that reduce wet weather/stormwater volume, flow, or changes the characteristics of the flow into combined or separate sanitary or storm sewers, or surface waters, by allowing the stormwater to infiltrate, to be treated by vegetation or by soils; or to be stored for reuse. Green Infrastructure methods are management practices that address stormwater runoff through soils or reuse.

Green Infrastructure practices include, but are not limited to: bioretention systems; bioretention basins; small scale bioretention (rain gardens, downspout planter boxes, stormwater planters, bioswales, enhanced and continuous tree pits); pervious paving systems (permeable asphalt, pervious concrete, permeable pavers); vegetated filter strips, green roofs, cisterns, tree plantings, grass swales, infiltration basins, sand filters designed to infiltrate into the subsoil, and dry wells. By capturing water Green Infrastructure reduces flooding and improves water quality.

In August 2019 the Borough collaborated with the Rutgers Water Resources Program Team (RWPT) to advance an Impervious Coverage Assessment, and Green Infrastructure Action/Implementation Planning in North Haledon. See the resulting study here.  While covid has stalled the implementation of additional rain gardens in the Borough we hope in 2021 that we will be able to progress these small scale bioretention Green Infrastructure solutions.

Volunteers: The all volunteer Green Team welcomes volunteers of all ages understanding that younger volunteers require adult engagement and offering families the opportunity to get more involved in their community. Volunteers can assist with planning and implementing initiatives including Sustainable Jersey aligned projects that the Green Team needs more resources to initiate. Or, volunteers can join the Green Team hands on such as building rain gardens. Participation in Green Team events and programs is the best way to learn more  about and being a part of sustaining a healthy community!

Community Paper Shred addresses concerns residents have with identify theft and the need to recycle sensitive information. In order to better serve the community and reduce the volume of paper products that wind up in landfills, Shred Events have been scheduled for May 15th, 2021 and October 16th, 2021 from 9:00 am to 11:00 at the North Haledon Recycling Center.

Grass- Cut it Leave it – The North Haledon Green Team urges residents to consider Environmentally-Friendly Lawn Care.  Click here from NJDEP to learn more about how to successfully "cut it and leave it."

Prescription Drug Drop Off Box The Borough of North Haledon has a permanent drug drop box in their police department headquarters lobby for citizens to safely dispose of expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs.

The box has been purchased delivered and permanently installed at the North Haledon Police Headquarters and is open to the public. This new special drop off box will provide a safe and secure location in North Haledon Police Headquarters to get rid of unwanted medications on permanent 24-hour a day basis.

Rates of prescription drug abuse in the United States are increasing at alarming rates, especially for teenagers who report they can easily obtain prescription pills from medicine cabinets in their own and other people’s homes. Unused and out-of-date medicines are a danger to society and can be the subject of theft and misuse. In addition, flushing medications down the sink or toilet can cause contamination of our water supply.

This drop-off program is open to anyone free of charge and we encourage the community to please feel free to bring any unwanted prescription drugs to The North Haledon Police Headquarters so we can legally and safely dispose of them.  See here for other dropbox locations across the state: 

Accepted in Drop Box

 Not Accepted

Over the counter medication
Vitamins and samples
Both for people and pets

Hydrogen Peroxide

prescription drop box pic 3

 Anti-Idling A car is idling when the engine is turned on but the vehicle is not in motion. This practice is not only unnecessary, but also is harmful to the environment and our health. Residents can save money on fuel costs for their vehicles as well as improve the air quality around the Borough by shutting their cars off. By turning the key” on idling, we reduce the risk of asthma and heart disease and we help improve air quality; in two minutes, an idling car burns enough gas to travel one mile And contrary to popular belief, modern cars do not require a warm-up period, and turning a car on and off does not harm the engine.

The Borough’s anti-idling policy is enforced; the Borough has posted signs around town to remind residents about completely shutting off their cars when they are parking at a location or stopping to go into a store. 

Anti-idling zone map

Green Team MembersLOGO Green Team_1

  • Mayor Randy George 
  • Jerry Flach 
  • Maree Padula 
  • Janet Rekesius 
  • Jane Egan 
Upcoming Events 
February 23, 2021 - Winter Seed Swap and Garden Sign-ups.  Click here for flyer and zoom link