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Planning Board

  1. To Prepare a Master Plan of growth and development, natural resources, transportation, housing, etc.  identifying specific geographic zones and delineating the permitted types of development in each zone consistent with NJ State Statutes.  This process includes drafting, having public hearings, and making recommendations to the Borough Council on the adoption of Zoning Ordinances. 
  2. The Planning Board hears development applications for permitted uses and makes recommendations regarding the applications to ensure both State law and local standards are met. 

The Planning Board meets twice a month, work session is the second Thursday of each month and the regular meeting is the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm.  If you have any questions regarding the upcoming agenda please contact Jennie Bergstorm, Planning Board Secretary, 973-452-0064.  
  • Mayor Randy George
  • Frank Coscia - Chairman
  • Vincent Parmese
  • Fred Nazare
  • Jerry Flach
  • Gino Cammarota 
  • Eric Winkler 
  • Jennie Bergstrom - Secretary 
  • Keith Salviano - Council Representative
  • Philip Cheff - Construction Official
  • Trevor J. Nye - Alternate
  • Barbara Conte - Alternate
  • Michael Pasquale, Esq. - Board Attorney
  • Stephen Boswell - Engineer